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At 515 Motorsport, it is our goal to provide you with the best in Domestic, European and import auto service and repair. Our customers truly appreciate our honesty in all that we do. This means that we will never make any unnecessary auto repairs to your car. We take pride in the fact that every person who walks through our doors trusts us enough to come back the next time they are in need of our service.

We specialize in BMW service but also service other manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Volvo and many others.

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Custom Programming / Tuning

Custom Programming / Tuning - 515 Motorsport

Improvements in both fuel economy and performance can be gained by having 515 custom tune your vehicle's computer.

AC Service & Leak Detection

AC Service & Leak Detection - 515 Motorsport

AC not blowing cold? Call 515 for an AC service and leak inspection.

Performance Upgrades

Performance Upgrades - 515 Motorsport

Desire for more power, fuel economy and overall performance? Let the experts at 515 who have decades of experience with engine or suspension upgrades to ensure you have years of worry free performance with only top-quality components, all of which can be installed and properly tuned by 515.

Oil Change / Scheduled Service

Oil Change / Scheduled Service - 515 Motorsport

Are you due for an oil change or is your vehicle ready for a scheduled service? If so, contact the expert service technicians at 515 Motorsport to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly for years to come.

Brake Service & Repair

Brake Service & Repair - 515 Motorsport

Your vehicle's braking is the one of the most important functions of your vehicle. If your brakes simply squeak, feel sluggish or you desire to improve the braking, contact the experts at 515 Motorsport to examine and provide you options to make your vehicle stop safely and securely for years to come.

Being racing enthusiasts themselves, the 515 Motorsport team know a thing or two about braking and if you want the latest technology in handling or braking for your race car, daily driver or weekend warrior, contact 515 today!

Transmission Service & Repair

Transmission Service & Repair - 515 Motorsport

If your vehicle feels it just doesn't 'run properly' or feels sluggish, it may be in need of service on the transmission. The expert technicians at 515 Motorsport can diagnose and determine if your transmission needs to be serviced, rebuilt or replaced. You can count on the years of experience the 515 Motorsport team has in racing, engine rebuilds or transmission service to take care of your vehicle and ensure it leaves the 515 shop running like new.

All work done by 515 Motorsport is guaranteed.. just bring it back and we'll make it right!

Electrical Diagnosis & Repair

Electrical Diagnosis & Repair - 515 Motorsport

Vehicles today are complex machines requiring seasoned technicians that understand how to diagnose problems that are common and sometimes rarely seen. This is why you should trust that the experts at 515 Motorsport - true 'gear heads' or professional car nuts that have grown up around servicing and loving cars, racing and anything that has a motor.

Contact 515 Motorsport if you feel your vehicle just isn't performing at its best or would like to extract the power, reliability or performance you desire.

Suspension Diagnosis & Repair

Suspension Diagnosis & Repair - 515 Motorsport

Is your vehicle not hugging the road the way it used to or how you would like? The experts at 515 Motorsport can examine your current suspension and offer recommendations on how to easily upgrade the ride quality, stance and handling of your vehicle. Being active endurance racers themselves, the 515 Motorsport crew know the small to large tweaks and newest suspension and handling products that can make a world of difference.

Contact 515 Motorsport today for all of your suspension needs!

Total Engine Rebuilds

Total Engine Rebuilds - 515 Motorsport

The experts at 515 Motorsport specialize in total engine rebuilds for your daily driver or weekend racer. Being actively involved in endurance racing themselves, 515 Motorsport technicians know exactly what it takes to maximize the performance, endurance and fuel economy of all types of engines.

Contact 515 Motorsport today if you would like to discuss scheduling a rebuild for your vehicle's engine and the desires you wish to accomplish. The team at 515 may even have ideas you haven't even considered!

Custom Welding and Fabrication

Custom Welding and Fabrication - 515 MotorsportExhaustExhaust

515 Motorsport are experts welding and fabrication. We weld stainless, titanium, inconel using tig, mig, and arc. We build custom to spec: cages, exhaust, and other fabrication needs. Whether it's for the track or street, the experts at 515 can completely rebuild whatever your needs are for your vehicle or race car to improve performance, durability and quality.

Contact 515 today for all of your custom fabrication and welding needs!

Buyer Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection - 515 MotorsportPre-Purchase InspectionPre-Purchase Inspection

Let 515 Motorsport perform a visible and mechanical inspection of the vehicle you are considering for purchase. Contact 515 to schedule an appointment to bring in your vehicle and our expert technicians will thoroughly examine the vehicles braking, transmission, engine and visibly inspect for any hidden repairs to insure you are receiving the vehicle you are expecting to purchase in the condition you desire.

We can provide you and estimate and give you a clear understanding of which repairs are required or may be necessary to enjoy your new vehicle for years to come! Contact 515 Motorsport today!

Seller Pre-Sale Preparation

Seller Pre-Sale Preparation - 515 Motorsport

At 515 Motorsport we can assist you in making sure your vehicle is running properly and functioning prior to sale. We can look over your braking, transmission, engine and overall health of your car, truck or motorcycle to insure a smooth transaction.

Recent Work

BMW M4 GTS In The Shop - 515 Motorsport

BMW M4 GTS In The Shop

Performance Upgrades at 515 - 515 Motorsport

Performance Upgrades at 515

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