Symptoms to Look Out for When Applying Your Brakes

If you are used to your car, you probably know everything about your car brakes - their usual sounds, how the pedals feel, and their effective stopping distance. That said, any change in their performance - say unusual noises and weird smells-should signal that something is wrong with your braking system. Given its importance, it is integral that every component of your braking system always remains in top conditions.

If you notice any of the following symptoms when braking, have it inspected and repaired by a mechanical expert at our shop as soon as possible.

Brake Pad Vibration

Your vehicle's brake pedals will mainly vibrate when your motors are warped. This can be due to rough driving and regular sudden braking or operating on old, thin rotors. Have our technicians inspect the braking system, check the rotor's condition, and help you replace them.

High-Pitched Screeching

Your brakes' screeching indicates that your pads are beginning to wear out and require a replacement. Your car manufacturer had placed a small piece of metal (wear indicator) which is meant to signal you when it's time to replace your brake pedals. But what if when your brakes are still new? Well, this might mean that the rotors are grazed and need to be changed.

Reduced Stopping Response

Sometimes, you might need to stop quickly, but your brakes won't cooperate. This is the difference between a narrow escape and a fatal accident. In most cases, an increase in stoppage time means that your braking system is leaking and needs repair. After diagnosis, our technicians will most likely find a leaking brake fluid or a leak in the brake hose.

Rough Grinding Noises

So, you heard the screeching noises but decided to wait a little longer- probably until the next paycheck. Unfortunately, the brake pads will continue to deteriorate, and with time, the screech will turn into heavy grinding noises. In this case, it is really crucial that you replace your pad to be safe.

Your brake components are bound to break down with time. Fortunately, your vehicle will most likely tell you when this is happening. It would be unwise and downright dangerous to avoid these signs. If you need brake service and repair, do not hesitate to visit our shop or contact us today.

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