Why Does My Steering Wheel Feel So Rigid?

Whenever you neglect basic maintenance and service appointments, your vehicle is more susceptible to damages, especially your steering wheel. Over time, the wheel can become stiff and show significant signs of wear. As a competent driver, you should never ignore firmness in a steering wheel.


Here are some of the most common problems that result in a stiff steering wheel:

Cracked Serpentine Belt

If you strain to turn the steering wheel, this can signify problems with the serpentine belt. This part of your vehicle gets worn out rather quickly. If it becomes dull or damaged, then it will have to get replaced entirely. 

Malfunctioning Steering Rack

If your steering wheel feels heavier than usual, there may be an issue with the steering rack. Prolonged exposure to hot temperatures or excessive road rubble can be attributed to this problem.  

Low on Power Steering Fluid

If you don't remember when the last time you topped off your power steering fluid, then you are most likely running out. The solution is a quick fix: refill the fluid to loosen up the wheel. However, if you are suddenly low on fluid after a change, you should have your technician inspect the reservoir for a leak. 

Contaminated Steering Fluid

Just like your other fluids, your power steering fluid can become contaminated with dirt and debris over time. Old steering fluid can become viscous and inadequate to lubricate the steering system well. 

Damaged Power Steering Pump

The power steering pump plays a vital role in creating enough pressure to turn the steering wheel. If the power steering pump is broken, you won't turn your steering wheel smoothly. 


If you regard extra stiffness in your steering wheel, do not hesitate to bring your vehicle to 515 Motorsport for an inspection. Give us a call at (816) 656-2733 today!

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