What Does the Modern Day Tune-Up Consist Of?

The term tune-up has been in the automotive industry for many decades. It was a commonly used terminology for restoring automobiles with engines that ran carburetors and old spark plugs. Nowadays, the term tune-up has a different meaning -- it is more widely referred to as preventative maintenance. Whenever drivers come into our Liberty auto repair shop for a tune-up, the service items performed may vary from car to car. Every vehicle model and make has different needs at specific points in the car's life.


Thankfully, you can rely on our certified mechanics to assess your car and get it exactly what it needs to stay safe and reliable. If you're concerned about the drivability of your vehicle, we highly recommend you bring your car to 515 Motorsport for a tune-up. 


While the definition of tune-up has evolved over the years, some standard services that your mechanic may do include changing the spark plugs, changing filters, and making any other adjustments to account for engine speed, fuel mixture, and spark timing. After, you can count on your engine to have a more seamless and smooth operation.


All in all, you can think of a tune-up as your regular preventative maintenance appointment. By following your manufacturer's recommended service intervals, you can ensure your vehicle lasts a long time. It will also help us detect minor problems early on, so you can avoid costly major repairs down the line. Lastly, it can prevent your car from breaking down or wasting fuel. 

Let us take care of all your vehicle's maintenance and repair needs today by bringing your car to 515 Motorsport today.

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