What Components Does The Brake System Have? How Do They Work?

Components Of The Brake System | 515 Motorsport

The brake system is responsible for bringing your car to a stop or deceleration. This means that it is very important for controlling the vehicle and for your overall safety. But how does it work, and what are the main components that are in the system? Don't worry because we will go over that in a moment, so continue reading if you want to find out more.


1. Brake Pedal - Drivers Input

The first component of the braking system is the brake pedal. It is also the first and only one you come into contact with when braking. It is the middle (if driving a manual) or the left (if driving an automatic) pedal. It is responsible for preserving the braking fluid in the lines when pressed.


2. Brake Lines - Carry The Signal To The System

The brake lines, as their name implies, are lines that hold braking fluid. They connect the brake pedal to the calipers. While brake lines don't cause a lot of problems, they can get punctured, causing leaks, so make sure to keep that in mind.


3. Calipers And Pistons - The Workforce Of The System

The calipers are mounted on the rotors and do a very important job. When the pedal is compressed, the fluid inside of the lines is pressurized, causing the sensors in the calipers to activate. Once this happens, the pistons push onto the brake pads.


4. Brake Pads - Friction Providers

The brake pads are pressed against the rotors by the pistons. This results in a deceleration or a complete stop. The brake pads are made out of a specific material that is used in the process; hence, they need to be changed frequently.


5. Rotors - Slow Down The Wheels

The rotors are circular discs mounted on the wheels. When the brake pads press against them, they start to slow down; therefore, the whole wheel slows down. Rotors are a common cause of problems, so make sure to inspect and check up on them regularly.


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