What Are the 4 Benefits of Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is a type of motor oil that most new vehicles use. Unlike its counterpart, synthetic oil is artificially created in a lab. Scientists engineer them to be more uniform in shape and size to perform better. They also have fewer impurities and additives that can give you additional benefits. Read on to learn why synthetic oil is preferred by most drivers today.

What are the main benefits of synthetic oil?

  1. Consistent - Your motor oil needs to have a thicker viscosity to provide proper lubrication for your engine parts. Because the base of synthetic oil is higher quality than a traditional oil, it has more of a consistent viscosity. 
  2. Reduces Friction - Synthetic oil can help reduce friction in your engine, as the consistency is far better than conventional oil. Furthermore, there are way fewer impurities in synthetic oil, making excess friction less of a concern.
  3. More Strength - Overall, synthetic oil can withstand high engine temperatures than conventional oil. It can stand up to the use and abuse throughout the engine.
  4. Longer Life -  Synthetic oil can last some drivers up to 10,000 miles or more, while conventional oil can only last around 3,000 miles. Less frequent oil changes mean less money and more time on your hands.

Some other honorable mentions of the advantages of synthetic oil include resistance to oxidation, resistance to sludge formation, protection for turbo and superchargers, and support efficiency.

Though you may be tempted to default to the cheaper option, conventional oil, the benefits of synthetic oil far outweigh the extra costs. If you are considering switching from traditional oil to synthetic oil, please consult with one of our automotive professionals. Please give 515 Motorsport a call or visit soon!

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