Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

Spring is the perfect time to maintain your vehicle after a long season of cold temperatures. Spring brings with it a fresh set of challenges to be mindful of. Maintaining a good condition for your vehicle is the only strategy to keep safe on the road during spring.

The following are some of the things to consider for your vehicle maintenance;

Check The Brakes

It is crucial to check your and the brakes after the winter season to ensure safety on the roads. Neglecting your brakes could lead to costly repairs down the road.

Alignment Issues

Icy ruts and potholes may contribute to wear and tear of your vehicle's suspension. This may affect your vehicle's wheel alignment. When the road is clear of ice and snow, its a good time to have a profession perform an alignment check to your vehicle.

Wash Away Road Salt

If you drive a lot during the winter, the odds are that your car's exterior is covered with salt. When your car has not been washed for a while, the approach of spring is the ideal time to do so. Most car washes include spraying devices that can effectively remove salt from underneath automobiles with appropriate force.

Battery Testing and Replacing

Winter season is tough on car batteries. The average automotive battery lasts three to five years; anything beyond that is borrowed time. It is crucial to test your battery to determine whether its healthy or need to be changed.

Light Checks

When you hit the road, it is important to be seen. Therefore, it is crucial to perform some quick checks on:

  • brake lights
  • headlights
  • daytime running lights
  • turn signal bulbs

this is to ensure they are fully functional as they should. All lights in your vehicle are crucial.

Swap Out Winter Tires

It is wise to consider changing your tires after winter. When spring arrives, the flexible tread rubber on winter tires that provides more traction on ice and snow is not as effective and will wear out faster in warmer temperatures.

If you need to get your vehicle ready for the spring, we invite you to bring your vehicle to 515 Motorsport in Liberty, MO today!

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