Is It Safe to Drive with the Oil Light On?

The oil light comes on, and you're not sure what to do. There are several reasons the oil light comes on, so you should pay attention when it does. It's very dangerous to keep driving when your oil light is on because your vehicle can stop suddenly. So let's look into why the oil light is on and what to do when it's on.

Why is the Oil Light On?

Time to Change the Oil

This is the most common reason the oil light will go on. It means that it's very low that it triggered the oil light sensor to make the light go on. All you have to do is confirm this by checking the oil and get the oil in the vehicle. If you don't want to be bothered, you can bring it to our auto repair shop in Liberty, MO, and we'll change it for you.

Low Oil Pressure

If the oil pump is struggling to circulate oil, it means the pressure is low. You'll want to get this checked because driving a car that has low oil pressure, as well as no oil, can ruin your engine. You should get your car inspected immediately to prevent any further damage. 

Oil Sensor is Faulty

Sometimes, the oil sensor can be on, and it could just be a foreign particle in the sensor area. But if there isn't, and it's still on, check it out to make sure there is nothing going on. 

What Do You Do When the Oil Light Turns On?

Stop or Pull Over Your Car

You will want to stop driving, so you can investigate why the oil light is on. It's very important that you turn off the car as you do this, so you can prevent further damage.

Contact a Mechanic

You should contact a mechanic, so you can get your car looked at right away.

The bottom line is, it is NOT SAFE to drive a car when the oil light is on. If you need oil warning light repair, give 515 Motorsport a call today!

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