How Do Mechanics Find a Car A/C Leak

If your car’s air conditioning isn’t cooling the passenger enough, or at all, there’s a good chance the system has a leak. The refrigerant gas, also known as freon, can escape for many reasons. When this occurs, there’s a lack of substance necessary to cool you down. The first step that you should take is to bring it to the A/C experts at 515 Motorsport.


An initial thought that someone might have is, “did I run out?” But, in all actuality, It’s quite rare that a vehicle gets “too low” or “runs out” of refrigerant. Most of the time, there’s always a leak.

How Can 515 Motorsport Fix It

When you bring your car to our A/C auto repair shop, we first do a thorough inspection of the entire system to find the leak. Since freon is an almost-invisible gas, not a liquid, the tiniest puncture can let all of it out over time, and you’d never know it. Automotive technicians have a technique to find leaks. They inject a refrigerant dye into the system and use ultraviolet light to uncover the location of the gas. 


With Spring and Summer in full swing, you will surely notice when the air in your car isn’t cool enough. It may be harder to tell in the fall or winter (because you may not use it at all). However, you can always check by running your defrosters. Your car A/C and defrosters run in the same system. So, if the defrosters aren’t operating as usual, then your A/C is likely malfunctioning too.


If your vehicle's A/C is blowing warm air, or no air at all, please do not hesitate to bring it to the A/C experts at 515 Motorsport in Liberty, MO. We’ll have you cooled off in no time.

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