5 Car Care Tips for Summer

This summer head for the long-awaited vacation, sunbathing on the beach, or that wild road trip! Before you leave, ensure your car is in good shape with our summertime car care tips.

Keep your machines in excellent condition to avoid getting stuck on the roadside waiting for a tow instead of enjoying the holiday.

Check on the Fluids Levels

The hot weather is a perfect time to refill the brake and power steering fluids for your car to perform optimally. Winter weather affects the wiper fluid. Refill the coolant to prevent the vehicle from overheating in the summer.

Replace Oil and Oil Filter

Engine oil helps lubricate important parts of the car, preventing wear and tear. The oil filter keeps the engine oil clean from debris and dirt. A good level of pure oil will maintain your engine, saving you a lump sum of money on replacing the entire machine.

Inspect the Brakes

Changes in weather and constant use can damage car breaks. If you notice a delay in stopping, the brake pads may be due for replacement. Call the mechanic to inspect a car with squealing sounds or changes once you hit the brakes.

Check on Pressure and Tire Condition

Under inflated tires are dangerous and affect car performance. Be on the lookout for the pressure and adjust it accordingly. The spare tire will come in handy in case of a puncture. Check it as well. Tires should have at least three threads around before you hit the road. Replace worn-out tires.

The Battery

A low battery can get you stranded in the middle of nowhere. High heat results in evaporation, loss of essential fluids and oxidation of battery components. Take the car for a check if the battery is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Caring for your car will keep you safe from accidents as you travel to your dream vacation destinations. If you need help getting your vehicle ready for the summer months, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today. Our experts will carry out a thorough inspection before you get going.

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